What to know about ESG marketing

ESG marketing promotes the promotion of environmental and governance skills to investors, buyers and other stakeholders of a company. This relates to the vision of the company. A company's ESG marketing message reinforces its brand image, its financial value and its potential for real social impact. Consumer habits have taken a lasting slant, and most investors have embraced ESG principles over the past five years. Read all about this type of marketing here.

Importance of ESG management

Implementing ESG practices gives confidence to investors and clients. ESG reporting are therefore very important. Sustainable capital has always reached investment heights. New generations of investors still keep responsible brands in their sights. They account for almost three-quarters of generation Y investors who are very involved in sustainable investments. The real challenge is to transform the ideological into the material. Marketing and communications groups must understand and integrate ESG materiality. But also take into account the factors having a great financial impact on a box. Marketing allows people to discover more about a brand's vision. It makes it possible to differentiate oneself from competitors and allows the highlighting of the main attributes and advantages of a brand. A good strategy for building a brand engages the target audience towards a business goal.

What are ESG brand values ?

The commercial materiality of ESG must be reflected in the brand values. Brand ESG values ​​are generally aligned with overall company values. Characteristics of the ESG brand values ​​are inclusiveness, sustainability, fairness and transparency. Inclusiveness can be seen in hiring and staff diversity meetings. Sustainability is found more in day-to-day operations and long-term vision. As for fairness, it is involved in the attention of shareholders and the recognition of employees. Transparency is involved in the management of impacts and the relationship with customers. Each company is linked to various environmental and social issues. Putting in place an ESG management strategy simply shows that a brand is aware of itself in recognizing its place in the world and that it seeks to improve it. The companies, like the countries, must be motivated and energized to face the challenges.