Things Are Not Getting Better in Myanmar

Things Are Not Getting Better in Myanmar

In the aftermath of a landslide victory for ruling leader MS Suu Kyi in the just concluded election, the military staged a successful coup on the grounds that the electoral process was fraught with irregularities.

To compound the problem, the winner of the presidential election and some other key political administrators have been detained by security agencies.

Civil Disobedience becoming the Order of the Day

In the past few days, displeased citizens have taken to the streets protesting against what is considered the unsolicited interference of the military in the democratic process.

Various citizens have been seen to have blasted horns and hit pans in coordinated protest. This is despite the compulsory 12 months state of emergency imposed by the new military government.

To further compound the problem, the health care system is facing a setback as workers of medical departments across 30 locations of the nation and staff members of over 70 hospitals have gone on strike.

This is especially not good news in the wake of the countries' problem combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

Citizens Expressing their Grievances

Security agents have stated that Ms Suu Kyi is detained on legally sufficient grounds. They claim that she has been found in possession of some illegal radios which is opposed to certain laws binding on Myanmar citizens.

However, many citizens have refused to buy this story as they believe the military and security agents will do everything possible to make the beloved Ms. Suu Kyi seem like the villain.

Key activists like Mark Farmaner have stated that all the charges are farcical and no more than the military’s attempt to paint the well-meaning leaders as bad.

Via a mail, Mark Farmaner explained that the military and security agents have a track record of doing such a terrible thing. He explained that these uniformed personnel “have jailed her for being a subversive element, for having John Yettaw swim across a lake to her home, and now for having a walkie-talkie in her home”.

With all that the nation is facing, we can only hope that the voices of the masses are listened to.

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