Rihanna brings Indian Farmers Concerns to the Global Stage

While many entertainers are cruising on expensive voyages and living the dream of the average citizen, Rihanna is changing the narrative. She is bringing the concerns of the Indian farmers to the global stage. This is in the wake of unfavorable new laws implemented in the nation.

The Indian Farmers Concern

Farmers in Indian have not reacted silently to the new agricultural reforms by the nation’s prime minister. They are concerned that the government’s decision to remove regulatory price protection and intensify the involvement of private investors in the agricultural sector will spell doom for many of them.

Before now, the farmers considered the government’s intervention in the industry as very minimal and saw the need for more involvement. Shockingly, the new agricultural reforms by the prime minister only complicated things.

The Mounting Crisis

In protest, many of these rural farmers went to New Dehli. For the most part, the protest had been peaceful until some days ago when things got out of hand. Police clashed with protesters leaving many people injured and a few dead.

Reports show that no less than 300 uniformed operatives were injured and at least one protester died. The international community expects that policymakers in the nation will take the concerns of the farmers seriously by making laws that suit them.

Rihanna Gathering more Support for Indian Farmers

Many concerned parties in the international community believe the Indian government is not reacting well to the situation. This is in wake of some decisions taken by the government.

For instance, the administration is reported to have ordered the blocking of certain accounts by Twitter. Furthermore, certain journalists have been accused by the government of causing sedition.

However, this has not deterred the international community from keeping tabs on the situation thanks to the likes of Rihanna.

Certain key figures who have read her tweets are taking the matter seriously as well. They include the likes of Greta Thunberg and Mia Khalifa.

Mia Khalifa was also vocal in the need for everyone to support the Indian farmers as she tweeted “Paid actors," huh? Quite the casting director, I hope they're not overlooked during awards season. I stand with the farmers. #FarmersProtest”.