Mont St Hilaire: A place to visit

Do you want to visit a new place to change your mind or discover new things? Mont St Hilaire is without a doubt the ideal place to recharge your batteries. In this article you will discover why Mont St Hilaire is a must-see place.


Gaul Nature Reserve 


Located in Mont St Hilaire in Quebec, the Gaul nature reserve is one of the places that attracts and attracts all the covetousness. Visit mont st hilaire to discover its wonders. Indeed, by containing 25 kilometres of hiking trail with 4 mountain peaks, the Gaul nature reserve gives an impressive image of the city. It should be noted that the reserve has three development sectors. These are the service sector, the public sector and the conservation sector. It should be emphasised that these development sectors were created to strike a balance between the protection of the ecosystem and the use of the mountains by human beings. The Gaul Nature Reserve is nevertheless recognized as Canada's first biosphere reserve.


Visit the Native House


If you have a trip to Mon St Hilaire, a visit to the Native House will do you good. Because it is a way for you to meet or discover other cultures that you do not know. Thanks to this visit, you will discover the immense richness of the Amerindian culture of Quebec in particular and of Canada in general. It should be noted that the Maison amérindienne is recognized as a cultural enterprise of social economy.


Hiking at Mont St Hilaire 


If you want to take advantage of the good weather at Mont St Hilaire, nothing is better than a hike. The Gaul nature reserve is the ideal place to discover the natural beauty of Mont St Hilaire. Since the Gaul nature reserve contains mountains surrounded by remnants of virgin forest in the St. Lawrence Valley, it is a great place to discover the natural beauty of Mont St Hilaire. It is important to wear comfortable shoes before hiking here.