Making Vaccines that Stop the Spread of Covid-19 more Crucial

From various quarters in the world, pharmaceutical industries have been going a great job experimenting and coming up with vaccines that will help combat the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus.

Nations like Israel, India, the United States, and several others are taking huge financial decisions to combat the plague by investing in vaccines.

Discovery of New Variant of Covid-19 Leaves Us with more Questions

Of late, a new variant of the virus was discovered in a laboratory experiment in South Africa. The major cause for concern is how this new variant reduces the potency of vaccines.

To properly address the situation and help everyone return to their normal lives, scientists are eager for solutions that will address the issue once and for all.

This is so that the world does not experience an outbreak of an even more deadly variant of the same virus.

To address the problem, scientists and other key players in the health sector are realizing that we need vaccines that do not just treat victims but stop the spread. This is important in curbing the growing numbers of infected people in various parts of the world.

Is there a Glimmer of Hope or not?

Recent studies in institutions like Oxford are proposing that the more doses of vaccines are taken, the more protected people will get.

However, the government of the United Kingdom and several other places are more particular about allowing as many people to get a dose at least. This is so that we will all have a measure of protection.

It is believed that the financial implication of getting as many people on more than one dose may have influenced the decision.

However, it is certain that many political administrations are in a difficult position. As a result, we are uncertain of if we have a reason to be excited or not.

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