What to remember about the Kratom plant?

Kratom is and always will be a plant whose leaves are full of virtues. A little further on, it is classified as a coffee plant. It originates from Asia and is a medium-sized tree. Kratom is nowadays used worldwide as a medical aid. It soothes and cures a wide range of ailments. So, what can we learn... See more

4 simple tips for a successful interview

An interview is a great opportunity to present yourself in a positive and confident way, and our experience and advice will help you do this. Many jobseekers fear that by 'selling themselves' they may come across as arrogant or, conversely, insecure and, as a result, choose answers to important ques... See more

What Does Jeff Bezos Stepping Aside Mean?

Jeff Bezos needs no introduction. He is the man than could afford to go through a divorce during a pandemic and remain the richest man in the world. While Bezos has lost the bragging right to Elon Musk – the CEO and Co-founder of Tesla, that is not the reason he is making the headlines now. The reas... See more

Rihanna brings Indian Farmers Concerns to the Global Stage

While many entertainers are cruising on expensive voyages and living the dream of the average citizen, Rihanna is changing the narrative. She is bringing the concerns of the Indian farmers to the global stage. This is in the wake of unfavorable new laws implemented in the nation. The Indian Farmers... See more

Things Are Not Getting Better in Myanmar

In the aftermath of a landslide victory for ruling leader MS Suu Kyi in the just concluded election, the military staged a successful coup on the grounds that the electoral process was fraught with irregularities. To compound the problem, the winner of the presidential election and some other key po... See more

Making Vaccines that Stop the Spread of Covid-19 more Crucial

From various quarters in the world, pharmaceutical industries have been going a great job experimenting and coming up with vaccines that will help combat the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus. Nations like Israel, India, the United States, and several others are taking huge financial decisions to... See more

The United Kingdom Figuring Out Brexit Rules for Businesses

In the first month of the year 2020, the United Kingdom made headlines for its decision to part ways with the European Atomic Energy Community and most especially the European Union. While there are many facts backing up this decision, there are also conspiracy theories erupting from various quarter... See more


Cozumel: one of the best islands for a getaway

Relaxing far away from the stress of the big city once in a while is the best way to recharge your batteries. If that sounds right to you, then it is...